Pinterest challenge: mini berry clafoutis

Mini berry clafoutis I wanted to try this berry clafoutis recipe for a while now. After counting how many calories it would have (for my diet, you know) I realised it’s not so bad. Only 148.60 calories for one portion (one 10th of the whole bake)! I have decided to go ahead and bake half of the recipe in little tartlet baking tins. The only problem was that only one mini clafoutis survived. The other ones literally leaked out while baking. You see, my tartlet tins have loose bottoms for easy removal. However the clafoutis mix is so thin that it managed to leak out through the small gaps. I am glad I placed the tartlet tins in a baking dish, so my oven did not get messed up by this!!!Mini berry clafoutis MINI BERRY CLAFOUTIS adopted from Julia’s Album

(makes 5 mini clafoutis)

  • 2 small eggs
  • 150ml single cream
  • 1tsp vanilla extract
  • 25g flour
  • 0.25 tsp baking powder
  • 65g icing sugar
  • butter for greasing
  • caster sugar for dusting
  • 170g mixed berries (I used frozen ones)

1. whisk eggs with cream and vanilla extract until the mixture becomes light and fluffy. Julia says: “Make sure this step is done properly so that in the end your dessert does not come out smelling too much like eggs”. Very true! This desert have a tendency to become ‘eggy’ 

2. Sift flour, baking powder and icing sugar into the egg mixture and mix to combine well.Mini berry clafoutis The batter will be very liquid, ‘thin’ as I mentioned earlier. Mini berry clafoutis 3. Grease mini tartlets (or mini ramekins) with butter (or spray oil) and dust them with caster sugar. Don’t make my mistake here, loose bottom tins are not suitable to make this desert!Mini berry clafoutis 4. Divide the berries between 5 tins.Mini berry clafoutis 5. pour the batter into the tins. Bake the clafoutis in 180C oven for 30min.Mini berry clafoutis Oooops! My mistake… The batter leaked out!! :(Mini berry clafoutis At least one survived! :)Mini berry clafoutis I enjoyed every bit of it… hmmmMini berry clafoutis Hopefully you have learned from my mistakes ;-)


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