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A year with books: “To Kill A Mocking Bird” Review

My thoughts on "To Kill A Mocking Bird"It’s almost end of the year and my final book is finished! So my mission to read more books is completed ;-).

To be honest it was quite easy to read this many books this year (considering I read none the previous years). I had loads of time while pregnant and now while feeding Lukas (I am actually writing this while I have Lukas sleeping in my arms). I enjoyed “To Kill A Mocking Bird” as much as the other books, although I still don’t understand who is a Mocking bird in the story (will have to Google it). The book is mostly about politics and racism in the small neighbourhood in America through the eyes of 6-9 year old girl. However from reading her thoughts she seemed older for her age…

What I liked about it? The observations done on people behaviour in the story was really interesting to read, even if it sounds bazaar that 6-8 year old thought of it! My favourite phrase in the book however have been said by her father: “If you can learn a simple trick, Scout, you’ll get along better with all kinds of folks. You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… until you climb into his skin and walk around in it”. In other words, don’t judge or fall into false presumptions before really understanding what it’s like to be in that person’s shoes! Who knows why some people are rubbing badly against you? Maybe they have even worst problems in their life and you should be really be sympathetic with them than being angry! Anyways, I try my best to apply this rule in my life and it really really works most of the time :-).

What I did not like about? Not much other than that it had so many long names in the story that sometimes I had to re-read few paragraphs again just to find out which character is being referred to.

Is it worth buying? Of course! It is a classic after all. I read few books that already had the references to “To Kill A Mocking Bird”.My thoughts on "To Kill A Mocking Bird"I hope you find this review hopeful and have a good read in 2016 perhaps?

Rasa xoxo


A year with books: “The Undomestic Goddess” Review

The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella book reviewThese couple of weeks has been all about waiting for our baby arrival and getting ready for him (yes, it’s a boy!)…. and just generally tidying the house after our big move. But what I preferred is sitting, relaxing, knitting and reading. It was a good opportunity to pick up my next book to read: “The Undomestic Goddess”. My first thoughts about this book were “oh, so easy to read!”, then “the story line is a bit hard to believe” and finally “well, this could make a good chick-flick movie!”.

What I like about it? The feel good factor, only because it was no-brainer to read it. I did not find this book particularly smart or educating, but at least it was not too predictable so it did give me some enjoyment when reading it.

What I did not like about it? A lot of things to be honest. I thought some stuff sounded a bit lame in the story! I will give you some examples… First it’s a story about a lawyer, named Samantha who makes a mistake that ruins her career completely. She then all confused gets into the train and randomly arrives to a cottage house where she asks for the painkillers for her headache. The owners of the house presumes that she is a housekeeper and gives her a job, because Samantha tells them that she is trained at cordon bleu school (although she is clueless in cooking). Initially she struggles, but then she manages to order food from gourmet caterers to cover her back. Later she meets the gardener of their house who is the only person to realise that she can’t cook. The gardener (Nathaniel is his name) who feels sorry for her suggests his mum to teach her cooking. Samantha spends ONE day in Nathaniel’s mum’s kitchen and all of the sudden she cooks like a professional (what?). Samantha falls in love with Nathaniel who turns out hates lawyers and therefore she can’t tell him the whole truth (That’s just lame!).

Is it worth buying? I would say NO, unless you want to watch a chick-flick movie and for some reason you are unable. Even in this case I would not recomend buying, contact me instead and I will post it to you ;-). The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella book reviewI hope you found my review of this book useful.

Rasa xoxo


A year with books: “Sense and Sensibility” Review

"Sense and Sensibility" book reviewIt has been a while since I last written a book review. This book was a challenge to begin with and I was putting it off for few months. Because of it’s old language it was difficult to get into the story, but once I did, it was totally worth it! I think Jane Austin was a really talented writer. I watched the movie based on this book again and realised how much I have missed to compare with the first time I watched it. It was truly an enjoyable process!

What I like about it? The plot, the surprises that came with it and the experience of how it was like to live in Georgian era! The outlook on life and relationships are smartly written and relates to present times although the book has been written in early 18th century. To compare to the movie I thought the surprises in the plot when reading are much more dramatic as it does not warn the reader as much as the viewer in the movie. Although it was difficult to understand the old language to begin with the outcome of it was very positive to me personally. I definitely feel that my vocabulary expanded dramatically!

What I did not like about it? Initially I was annoyed at the writing language as I could not understand it. I even ended up using dictionary (did not help) and asking Joni what certain phrases meant (he is so knowledgable when it comes to history!). Eventually it turned out to be a good thing: I have learned the way of speaking in olden days (not that I practice it at this moment). So overall there is nothing that I did not like about this book!

Is it worth buying? It’s a classic, of course it is worth buying! And if you buy Vintage Classics version than the book is going to look sooooo good in your book shelve ;-).I hope you enjoyed my modest review :-)

Rasa x



A year with books: “Two Caravans” Review

"Two Caravans" book reviewIt’s only May and I’ve finished reading my third book (I am already half way)! My reading routine became so enjoyable these days that I fall into book more often than planned. Although the other books I read were quite amazing, I enjoyed reading “Two Caravans” the most. I just wonder what would english person would think of this book as it is written from the immigrant point of view and their adventures in England.

What I like about it? Practically everything! Like in Dawn French books Marina Lewycka lets the characters to tell the story themselves. Only it is much easer to read as the foreign accent is not literally used here, but instead the words are written in eastern european or african grammar and way of speaking (depending on the character of course).

I loved the story: fast flowing and adventurous, full of unexpected surprises! There were so many times I literally shouted out “What?”, “Wow!” and laughed out load while reading this book. It was slightly romantic as well and showed how man and women have completely different view about a lot of things. It was good to learn and see how miscommunications can happen.

Because I am Lithuanian it was easy to relate to the story. I came to UK when 17 years old and quite naive so this story seem quite real to me (ok, maybe not up to that level, but I believe these things happens very often in UK).

What I did not like about it? Absolutely nothing.

Is it worth buying? Yes, yes yes and thousand times yes!"Two Caravans" book reviewNext I am going for a classic Jane Austen “Sense and Sensibility”. Looking forward!

Rasa xoxo


A year with books: “Oh Dear Silvia” Review

"Oh Dear Silvia" Dawn French book reviewIt is April and my second book reading is finished, yey! Five more wonderful books to go! Although I did not have much time to read these couple of months, every time I picked up this book it kind of melted as I read (that is a sign of good book I think). Anyways, as mentioned before I read one of the other Dawn French books in the past, so this kind of effect has been expected. In “Oh Dear Silvia” I could see the same writing technique used as in “A Tiny Bit Marvellous”: the story told by characters themselves.

What I liked about it? A lot of things! First it was the familiar Dawn French writing style.  Since the story is told by characters themselves the words and phrases have been specifically chosen according to each unique character. The story is slowly revealed  through each characters opinion, emotions and experience. So at one point you feel angry at one character and later on you realise that they have a reason  why they acted the certain way. The other reason why I liked this book it’s because I found it really really funny (no wonder, Dawn French is a well known comedian!). I also loved the story line, completely unexpected! Although I hoped it worked out slightly differently for Silvia (psst… not not telling you one bit of the story).

What I did not like about it? Not much! Except perhaps that it was hard to read at some parts of the book. Some characters had a strong Jamaican or Irish accents written out quite literally. It was part of that wonderful writing style so i did not mind it that much. I understood what needed to be understood!

Is it worth Buying? Totally! If you like Dawn French sense of humour then this book is for you ;-). You wont get disappointed!

"Oh Dear Silvia" Dawn French book reviewI think my next book to read is “Two Caravans” written by Ukrainian writer Marina Lewycka. That should be interesting and Hilarious (apparently)!"Oh Dear Silvia" Dawn French book reviewI hope you found this review helpful!

Rasa xoxo


A year with books: “Flora and Grace” Review

"Flora and Grace" book reviewLast month I mentioned that I will read at least 6 books this year as my new year’s goal. I set myself to read these books and so far I read my first one: “Flora and Grace” by Maureen Lee (I am so way ahead with my plan right now!). I decided to review it here, although I would not call myself a book critique considering I don’t read many books in general. And I am not revealing the whole plot, because I really don’t want to spoil all the surprises for you in case you are reading this book at this moment. All I can say it is set in the mid of wars and after wars mostly in England (love when they mention places I have lived!) and I still don’t get what the pic in the cover is representing! Maybe you could figure that out?

What I like about it? I loved the twist in the story, one of main reasons why I kept reading it! Even after loosing the book at the GPs (oops!) I was determined to finish it and therefore got iBooks version just for few last chapters. The other thing I liked about this book is how much I learned about that period of time (1944-1956) such as fashion, inventions and culture!

What I did not like about it? I was not a big fan of the writing style. But maybe it is just me! I tend to like lough out load sort of novels, so this book wasn’t it. It was also very easy read (no wonder my mum liked it with her basic knowledge of english). I was not led emotionally even during dramatic scenes! Instead it always made me feel positive about everything in the story (so I guess this is a good thing). I think what I disliked most however that the writer was constantly informing that something bad may happen soon (literally!). Maybe the author thought this will bring the tenseness while guessing what is it that going to actually happen in the next chapter? Well, this certainly did not work on me especially when that unfortunate event did not make me feel particularly upset. Because everything in the story works out for best! Again, I like the positivity here, but not so much the writing style.

Is it worth buying it? I think yes if you want an easy calming read to go with your cup of tea. I found reading it in the evening helped me to fall asleep!"Flora and Grace" book reviewI hope you found this review helpful!

Rasa xoxo



A year with books

A year with books, 2015One of my New Year resolutions was to read more books. I am embarrassed to say that the maximum number of books (and by books I mean novels) I read in the year was about 3. And 3 is a very small little number. No wonder I so often get stuck for words when I write this blog! So this year I promised to myself (and you if you are taking any notes) to read at least the double, or more if things work out… So basically I have queued up 6 books to read this year. Some of the books have been recommended by my friends over the years, some are from the authors that I love and some are just classics that I should have read long long time ago! So here is the list:

1. “Flora and Grace” by Maureen Lee have been recommended by my dear mum. In fact I suppose to get this book for her but I forgot to take it with me when I went to Lithuania and now it is sort of staying with me until march. Anyhow, I am half way in and I must say the english here seem quite basic and slightly boring. Thankfully the story is interesting and I am really looking forward to know the end of it!A year with books, 20152. “Oh Dear Silvia” by Dawn French going to be a second book I read by the same author. I absolutely love Dawn French and her humour sense! I read “A Tiny Bit Marvellous” three years ago and it almost physically melted in my hands. So looking forward to the start of reading this one!A year with books, 20153. “Two Caravans” by Marina Lewycka have been recommended by Vicki and I have a feeling I will want to read all of this Author books! I have been told it is super funny and who does not like funny? Most importantly the author is Ukrainian so I can relate a little since I am Lithuanian!A year with books, 20154. “Sense and Sensibility” by Jane Austen is an obvious classic. Have watched a movie already and ready to read an actual book. Guess what?! The real reason for buying this book was because the new edition with arty cover is really pretty! Just so you know, polka dots can practically sell me anything :-D. A year with books, 20155. The Undomestic Goddess” by Sophie Kinsella have been recommended by somebody from my knitting social group long long time ago. The cover looks a bit tacky, but I have decided not to judge the book by its cover and give it a chance. Will let you know how it goes!A year with books, 20156. “To Kill A Mocking Bird” is another classic. I did not have a chance to read it at school because the schools in Lithuania don’t include this in their reading lists. I suspect it is a bit dark (I could be wrong, I have no idea!), but I knew I need to read this as is referenced so often in other books and movies. So I decided I will have a go!A year with books, 2015I hope you feel inspired today to read or at least set the goals to read this year. If you like any of the books in my list you can of course “steel” them, I honestly don’t mind ;-). Come back for my reviews, they might be silly and probably quite unprofessional. But oh well, its fun to share with others what you thought of the book! Wouldn’t you agree?

Rasa xoxo