Confetti gift wrapping idea

Confetti gift packaging ideaAs we come closer to Christmas we all need a bit of inspiration about how to wrap our gifts. I find packaging gifts to be very therapeutic! The gift wrapping is someones first impression and first impressions count. Right?

I made this confetti style packaging last week. The packaging technique is very similar to the one I used for my valentine’s gift packaging. All it needs is some confetti inserted in between the layers. See-through layer this time of course!Confetti gift packaging ideaAll you need to do is wrap the gift like you would usually do. Bright wrapping paper is highly recommended! Confetti gift packaging ideaThen throw some confetti in! I used some punched heart shapes here :-)Confetti gift packaging ideaIt’s easiest when you keep the confetti behind the gift while packaging as it won’t get in your way when sealing second layer of wrapping.Confetti gift packaging ideaI used baking paper for my second layer. Could you have guessed? Sometimes the most creative ideas come from the kitchen ;-).Confetti gift packaging ideaShake the gift so the confetti spreads evenly all over.Confetti gift packaging ideaTie the ribbon or whatever gift topper you want.Confetti gift packaging idea Confetti gift packaging ideaHappy gift giving

Rasa xoxo


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