Let’s make some gift tags

handmade gift tags DIYA week or so ago I shared an idea on how to package the gift. Today I am hoping to inspire you on how to make some gift tags! It’s easer than you think and it gives a personal touch to the present you are giving. I made these using watercolour technique over wax (over waxy crayon to be specific).

So i drew the star shaped tags on the paper (sketch or watercolour paper is well recommended!). If you are into stars like me right now, then click here for the template ;-). I used yellow crayon to write the names in, but you can use any colour you want. However the lighter colour you choose, the better the effect will be . So if you got a white crayon (sadly I did not have any), then this maybe your perfect choice!handmade gift tags DIYThe next step is to paint over with water colour. The water colour pigment won’t stick to the area where you drew with crayon, leaving it to stand out even more! For more dramatic look try wetting the paper with the brush before applying any water colour. handmade gift tags DIYOnce the paint is dry (and it dries quicker than you think) you can cut the star shapes out. Using a punch hole make some holes for the ribbon or a piece of string. handmade gift tags DIY handmade gift tags DIYWrap the ribbon around the gift. Ta-dah!!handmade gift tags DIY handmade gift tags DIYHappy gift wrapping and Christmas waiting! Got your Christmas tree out yet?

Only joking (not)!

Rasa xoxo


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