January favourites!

Friendly Nettle 2015 calendar (free printable) It’s february already and instead of sharing about things I look forward in this month I have decided to review the previous month. After all, it’s good to plan and look forward to the future but it’s also great to look back and review your favourite moments and what you have already achieved in your goal planning.

If I had to describe january in one word I would call it “calm” or “peaceful”. I felt so much more in control of things this month then any other. Could that be because I had spend the first week of this year at the beach (well, almost), or is it because I set more realistic goals this time? Anyhow, my new calendar (that I designed and planned myself, free printable is here) really helped me to take small steps towards my monthly goals! florida coconut beachOne of my goals this year to read more books. I am on my last chapters of “Flora and Grace” and I am so looking forward to sharing with you about it!florida coconut beachI am also getting slowly addicted to Instagram (only slightly). Although I don’t post many pics myself, I love following some creative people out there! @andsmilestudio is my fav! However I quite miss Pinterest system where you can save the pins into a board (so you could come back to it later). Instead I worked out that I can take a screen shot to save some of very very very inspiring Instagrams! My favourite thing to follow on instranghamAnd I also thought I will post this pic of Leia helping me to organise my yarn stash! Surprisingly she is not the one who messes it up (it’s me mostly), but the most trouble she creates when I try to focus on my work and she want to be right there in front of me… grrrr!Leia is "helping" to organise my yarn stash!One of my most fun weekends this month were spend with Vicki. She came to visit us all the way to Bedford (from Surrey)! My best friend Vicki visiting us in BedfordAnd not to mention snow (first this year) by the end of the month! Last chance to wear my super woollen boots :-).First snow of the year in Bedford!Happy week everyone!

Rasa xoxo

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