My favourite embroidery stitch styles

After talking how fun it is to do hand stitching (rather than using sewing machine) I thought I will share what I know about embroidery (hand stitching and hand sewing kind of go hand in hand). You might find that some of the hand stitches that you learned with hand sewing are very similar to embroidery stitches. In fact majority of embroidery stitches are based on regular hand stitches, but are more creative and freestyle. For instance, lets take the running stitch, it is identical to basic/ straight stitch! Or a button hole stitch, it’s like blanket stitch that comes in many pretty variations. Button hole stitch variationsMy favourite is basic/straight stitch that I used to create pretty cross or dash patterns on these hanging bird decorations.hand stitched birdiesFelt stars with numbersAnd remember I used chain stitch to “draw” those advent date numbers on these hanging felt stars. Chain stitch is so useful for outlining and filling!Chain stitch variations Hand stitched fridge magnetsAnd when it comes to slightly more complicated stitches I do loooove fly stitch! It’s so pretty isn’t it?Fly stitch variationsI hope you find this inspiring!

Rasa xoxo

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