Photography challenge: playing around with camera settings in Shortstown

Photography challenge: playing around camera settings in Shortstown After failing to achieve my goal to take better pictures last year, I decided to really push myself and achieve it this year. And what is better way to achieve your goals than setting yourself a challenge and actually planning how you are going to make it happened? So there we are, I started my photography challenge already this month (11 months to go).

First step in my mind was to read through my camera manual. But oh dear I almost pulled all my hair out because of my frustration of not being able to understand any of it.  I think I recognised few terms in it such as “Aperture” and “Shutter Speed” which I had a vague idea what they actually mean… Eventually I decided to start a course which would guide me through this madness.

But for now I decided to play around with my camera settings and even see what the f stop means (ha ha… funny word!). At the same time I am also presenting you our town where we live now (while taking a walk with Lukas). Shortstown is a boring town with a lot of history and nothing much going on, let’s see what we can do to change it ;-). In the picture above here is Cardington twin sheds that are often used to film the movies (I know! Very glamorous!). I took this picture using a landscape setting (doh!). Next up in the picture bellow are some pretty hedge that I found on the foot path to my friends house. This was taken with a macro setting.Photography challenge: playing around camera settings in Shortstown This lovely greenery with the field beyond it is a good example of what it’s like to live in Shortstown. Lot’s of fields around where you are not allowed to walk. I set 9F for this shot.Photography challenge: playing around camera settings in ShortstownAnd here are my feet all looking fabulous in the Wellies that Joni got me. I used 3.5F to shoot this one (the lowest on my camera)Photography challenge: playing around camera settings in Shortstown And here is Lukas have fallen asleep from all this boredom. I think it’s time to go back home! It’s F3.5 stop again ;-).Photography challenge: playing around camera settings in ShortstownHope you feel inspired to take up a new challenge ;-)

Rasa xoxo

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