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Knit your own Easter “Pigeon”

Knit your own Easter "pigeon"

Hey, do you remember this knitted bird decoration? I have been digging out some decorations for Easter and this is what I came across. This little birdie never goes out of fashion ;-).

The reason why I called it a “Pigeon” is because my friend Anna thought that the colours resembles it quite well! What do you think? Pigeons might not have a good reputation, they still look cute if you think about it.

Knit your own Easter "pigeon"

To knit your own “Pigeon” go here!

Knit your own Easter "pigeon"

Happy knitting!

Rasa xoxo


Last knitting group meeting in Tottenham


It’s have been really fun meeting everybody for knitting and cup of tea with a cake in our knitting get-togethers. This was quite an experience for me too! We have learned different methods of casting on, knitting and interesting new stitches. We shared tips and even books!

Sadly this is coming to the end as Friendly Nettle is on the move. But not for too long! In the new location there will be new faces and even more knitting and crafting fun! So watch this space for new events coming ;-).

 For now join us at our last knitting group meeting on 24th of March. For more details click here!



Hopefully see you soon ;-)

Rasa xoxo


Knitting basic socks (part 1)

knitting socks step by step

In my opinion, woollen socks are not only for winter. They are great for a rainy spring day worn under wellies and are really comfortable at home as the slippers :-). Knitting them is also quite enjoyable. And it is not as difficult as it looks! I use 5 double pointed needles to knit in circle, but if you find it easer you can use circular needles for that too. So are you ready to begin? Click here for step by step instructions.

knitting socks basics Knitting socks basics

By the way, big thanks to Vicki’s mum who helped me to put the size chart together for these socks (even if she doesn’t know it).

Rasa xoxo


Cable sweater

Cable sweater

I finally completed the cable sweater I have been knitting since last year (beginning of this winter)! I know I know, this might be a little late! But if you put your mind to it, you can knit your own in no time ;-). This Sweater is loose knit and chunky, therefore really easy and fun to knit. Click here for the pattern.

Cable Sweaterknit your own cable sweater

Enjoy your week :-)



Christmas gift for him

loafers for him

I think you would agree that getting a gift for a dad or any man is a difficult task. My dad often ends up getting pair of socks or a tie. So this year I thought of something different. I loved the knitted loafers that I made for myself so I thought I will remake it in manly size. I also made it extra protective and strong by taking Sian’s advice and attaching soles on them! What do you think? Click here for Loafers For Him Project with the step-by-step instructions.

Loafers for him

That’s something to do for a weekend ;)

Rasa xoxo


New member in our knitting club!


Just wanted to welcome our newest knitting club member: Bruno! Although he can’t knit he has a real passion for yarn :)

Are you interested to join us too? If yes, then check out our events page! Although our knitting events are often full, we are interested to know our future demand for it. Just let us know of the location where you want to meet for social knitting (or other crafts) and you never know… we might host an event where it is convenient for you :)


When Bruno is not sleeping or playing he loves accompanying me with blogging… aww :)

Blogging with Bruno

Have a lovely week!

Rasa xoxo


✄ The Knitting & Stitching Show ✄



I had such an inspiring day yesterday at The Knitting & Stitching Show :) in London. It was defiantly worth to visit! This event is for everybody who loves crafts as it has many exhibitors who offers classes, supplies, books or ready crafted goodness to sell. Although it was quite overwhelming to see so much in one day, I have few favourites: Sheep Of Steel hand-spins this lovely yarn (pictures above and bellow)

Fabric Affair

Really pretty Irish fabric (Fabric Affair picture above and Magee Of Donegal picture bellow)

Maggee of Donegal

And some work with Liberty fabrics. I love Liberty fabrics!


I was quite tempted to buy everything, but I settled for something that was on sale (lots and lots of yarns that I am looking forward to work with!), a pair vintage plastic needles (I so want more of them), and tatting shuttles (I will tell you more about it next time).


You wish you were there? Well, you are not too late! It is on for this weekend in Alexander Palace, London.

Have a lovely weekend then!

Rasa :)


Innocent Big Knit


As mentioned previously, we have been knitting mini hats to contribute to Innocent Big Knit campaign. Sadly the time have came to say goodbye to our little hats as they are about to be posted to the Fruit Towers (Innocent Head-office) this afternoon :(.

On the positive note, I hope these little hats will make someone else happy, it could even be you (available from  November).


Have a very happy day!

Rasa :)


10 pillow challenge: knitted one


Past couple of days I have been knitting a pillow as part of my pillow challenge and I had to carry this big yarn roll every time I am on the go (I could have wind down a smaller yarn ball from it, but I suppose I have been lazy to do that!).

The pillow is finally finished! So if you want to make it for yourself you can find a pattern here.



Let me know what you think ;)

Rasa x


Are you feeling Christmasy yet?

I love Christmas! Everything about it! I especially love baking and decorating. Have you done your Christmas decorating yet? I am sure you did! I have seen so many of my friends on Facebook putting all these wonderful pics of their homes which kind of put me under pressure. Because me as always never on time with this. And this is not because I have lack of inspiration, this is because I always run out of time. So here we go, I finally unloaded what was in my head already all made (including baking) and ready to go….

I even knitted this bird shape hanging decoration and if you remember last year’s post on Christmas decoration,this is exactly the pattern I used.

This bird decoration is not only for Christmas (it is for keeps ;). The knitting pattern for it is here!

Happy Christmas decorating!

Rasa xox