Make your own catnip toy for your cat

DIY catnip flower toy for catsRecently I made these flower toys for Leia and she loves them! Why flower shaped? Because I thought it would be funny (for me) and cats don’t give a s*** how their toys look like anyways. The key ingredient is catnip which makes any toy cat’s favourite toy! DIY catnip flower toy for cats DIY catnip flower toy for catsDIY catnip flower toy for catsIn the past when Leia just entered our home she has been given a gift, a snail shaped toy! A snail? I thought that was silly and that cat would not be interested in playing with it. Turns out I was wrong. This little snail toy have received so much “affection” from Leia that it could not survive any longer, the evidence is obvious in the picture bellow. After failed repair from Joni, I have decided to make another silly toy that worked out quite well. Although I am not too sure how long will those flowers survive?! As I mention before catnip is the key ingredient here, because that’s exactly why the snail toy was soooo “loved”!  DIY catnip flower toy for catsInterested in making your own catnip flower toy for cats, click here for the instructions! DIY catnip flower toy for cats DIY catnip flower toy for cats DIY catnip flower toy for catsHappy stitching!

Rasa :-)

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