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Good morning, it’s Friday!!

On Friday mornings I like to evaluate the week behind and do a little planning for a weekend. I think this past week have been great: mini knitting group have been great successes, pillow challenge is in control and I have met a lovely Jacolien from Netherlands who I could share my creativity with ;). […]


San Francisco: Being there ;)

My holidays in San Francisco is coming to an end and I am excited to tell you that I have met some interesting people that I hope to keep in touch ;) I find it difficult to describe this city in one sentience as it is so diverse  and multi cultured in more defined ways to compare to London. Every part […]


Walk by the river Lea

Last Sunday was quite spontaneous for me. In afternoon I popped in to my neighbour’s who suggested we go for a walk. What? For a walk? I know no parks around here in London where I live! However I went along and took Sarah (my new flatmate) with me. After 20min we reached a river Lea surrounded by nature […]


Just few updates so far…

I know I have not written here for quite a while.  This is not that I have changed my mind about my dreams… Well, I usually get carried away during summer anyway. And even though the weather wasn’t so good as I expected I still feel super happy when I receive the smallest amount of […]