Photography challenge: shutter speed to capture motion

captured with sports auto setting (no blur in moving objects) When I was searching how to use speed shutter I came across many beautiful pictures like these on Pinterest, which inspired me to do photography focused on motion. Although shutter speed is meant to control the light that comes through the lens it seem that it is often used to capture the moment in very artistic way.

To experiment with shutter speed I chose Lukas as my model since he became a very active boy. I imagined I could achieve a very similar effect in my photography too. Little did I know there were few problems with this. First, I could not stay still with my camera making the whole image blurry. Second (not as crucial), Lukas turned out to be not active enough to create that dramatic shot. However the pic bellow is my favourite, because it shows that I am capable to take a photo of motion. As you may see the parts that are not moving (like the beads on his tummy) aren’t blurred, while his hands and legs in particular are blurry and feathery… aww!1/8 shutter speedSo what did I do to achieve this look? Well, I set the shutter to very slow, it being open for 1/8 of a second (I know! that sounds very fast in fact). But what happens if I set a faster shutter speed? The answer is that because the shutter is open for short time there is not a lot of light coming through, therefore it causes the picture being very dark like this one bellow (which been set for 1/60 of a second).1/60 shutter speed I edited the light of the dark picture to see how it came out. I think it looks very clear without any movement fuzz, although I can see some graininess in it. Thank goodness you can actually use other camera settings to make the picture lighter! I will certainly be exploring these options some time in the future. 1/60 shutter speed (edited)The shutter speed for the pic bellow have been set to 1/15 of a second. It all seem sightly blur to me because my hand been shaking as I was holding both Lukas hand and the camera.1/15 shutter speedAnd here is a similar picture with 1/80 shutter speed!1/80 shutter speedAnd same settings for the pictures bellow. Although this came out slightly better as it is little feathery on Lukas left leg.1/13 shutter speed 1/80 shutter speedI hope it all made sense to you ;-)

Rasa xoxo


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