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Happy 1st of September!

my school years1st of September has always been an official 1st day at school in Lithuania with celebration and parades. Don’t you think that celebration is a great way to start the school? To me this was something I looked forward to, although I was never a good student (except arts and biology). Free lovely pattern printouts Another thing I was looking forward to at school was catching up with my friends, shopping for new stationary, organising the books and getting ready to start. So I could say organisation has been my stronger point. I used to enjoy (still enjoying) putting things in order so it looks prettier and it’s easy to find stuff when you need them. I guess I should be able to give you some tips in this area of my expertise. But one thing I should point out that this won’t make you a better student and spending too much time on it will lose your focus on something else more important. I of course have learned that good balance is the key to almost everything! My school yearsFree lovely pattern printouts to cover your booksSo today I would just like to share a project on how to protect your books with pretty covers (extra printable patterns as well). Click here for full project walkthrough. protecttive book cover DIY protective book cover DIY


Good luck and have fun at school (or work)

Rasa x


Seating chart design

seating chart designWhen it comes to organising big events such as weddings, the seating chart is much needed poster. But does it have to be a poster? We tried to avoid that in our wedding. After checking out some ideas on Pinterest, I initially got attracted with the idea of drying line design (with the rope, pegs and stuff). Our wedding planner even suggested we use some garden forks as something that we can wrap the rope around. But we were already tight with the budget and did not want to buy those garden forks (especially when I no longer have a garden to use those tools). Then somehow the idea came to my head to make it as a bunting. I always liked bunting, but our venue looked too good to cover all the features with bunch of flags. This subtle table chart design not only fulfilled my earlier decorational dreams, but also it really worked together with other deco such as name place cards and painted marigolds. Yey!name place card designTo make seating chart design as a bunting I have printed guest names together with table number on separate cards then cut it out in flag shape. I folded each flag top edge, inserted a ribbon together with double sided tape and sealed it. Yep, It’s that simple! seating chart designseating chart designInspired? good!

Rasa xoxo



Creative gifts: animal face cards

boy baby shower gift idea

So, my dear friend Suzanne had her baby shower this weekend and I was’t able to come :-(. Seems like I missed a lot!

In times like this I try to make up by making handmade gifts (well… almost). This time I made a lion face card to accompany this little outfit that really fits South African theme (Suzanne’s motherland). Here is how I made it:

1. I folded a card in half and drew lion’s face on one side using a pencil.

animal gift card DIY

2. when I was happy with the drawing I used some graphic colour pens to add some colour.

animal gift card DIY

3. I used black felt pen to draw round the edges

animal gift card DIY

4. I used a hole-punch to make some holes for the animal “fur”. Cut in behind the fold to make more holes on the folded side. If I did this again, I would probably hole punch all around the back card instead of the holes on the top card.

animal gift card DIY

5. Cut equal length yarn pieces and start attaching them through the punched holes.

animal gift card DIY

6. Once the “fur” is attached, the only thing is left is to write the best wishes ;-)

Animal gift card DIY


lion face gift card DIY

When it comes to gift wrapping, I like to sometimes to keep it simple. Here I used some tissue paper and colourful washi tape to decorate.

washi tape gift card


Enjoy your week, it’s only short ;-)