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How to make mini triangle confetti

Handmade confettiConfetti was not the love at the first sight but something that I fell in love with over time. Now when I see some confetti sprinkled anywhere I get really really excited! It makes everything so much more joyful and thats what you need when the new year is approaching. And it can be used in soooo many ways! It can be sprinkled on the dining table, party floor, letters, present wrapping and anywhere you need some happiness sprinkles. Of course not everyone likes confetti (very sad, I know!!), but for those who do, here is how I make mini triangle confetti. Trust me, it is very simple to make and you don't need any special punch for triangle confetti diy (no need for punch)First I cut the cardboard into strips. I use the ruler and the scalpel knife to make really straight strips.

mini triangle confetti diy (no need for punch)Then I cut / and then \ to get the triangle triangle confetti diy (no need for punch)mini triangle confetti diy (no need for punch)Did I forget to mention that confetti is brilliant in making fab photography effects and backgrounds. Try it for your next photoshoot ;-).mini triangle confetti diy (no need for punch)Happy celebrating!!!!

Rasa xoxo



Nicola’s birthday cake

Nicola's birthday cake Last weekend we headed down to Devon again to celebrate my sister in law Nicola's 30th birthday and I was asked to bake a cake (what a privilege!!). It had to be gluten and dairy free so it was a fun challenge to accept. If you have been following me on social media then you probably have seen me doing bake tests over the past few weeks. I originally wanted to make a matcha cake, but was not sure if that would have been a crowd pleaser. At the end I decided to go with more simple flavours such as lemon and poppy seed. I used a very similar method to this chocolate orange cake which essentially uses citrus fruit pulp instead of butter or oil. This method has never let me down producing a very moist and tasty cake. I just need to find a way to reduce the amount of sugar (hmmm...a tough one to do in cake!).Nicola's birthday cake GLUTEN AND DAIRY FREE LEMON POPPY SEED CAKE WITH COCONUT BUTTER FROSTING

(for the cake)

  • 16 lemons
  • 18 eggs (it's a very large cake!)
  • 750g golden caster sugar
  • 750g ground almonds
  • 6tsp baking powder
  • 4tbsp poppy seeds + for decorating

(for the frosting)

  • 1/2 cup virgin coconut oil (butter)
  • juice from 2 lemons
  • about 1kg icing sugar

1. First things first, cook the lemons as that takes the longest. Peal them and try to pick out any pips out of them (I know I know this might take forever, but its worth it as your cake might end up tasting a little bitter). Boil the lemons for about 30 min. Once they are cooked, drain them and check any leftover pips. By now your lemons should look like puree, but whizz them anyways with the hand processor just to get it extra smooth.

Baking with cooked lemon2. Whisk the eggs with sugar till its pale and creamy. Add the rest of ingredients into eggs (including lemon puree) and mix to combine everything well. Split the cake mixture into three lined baking springform tins. Bake the cakes in 150C preheated oven for 1.5h.Baking with cooked lemon3. Meanwhile make the frosting. Sift the icing sugar into the coconut oil and add lemon juice. Mix everything using electric mixer until smooth and creamy.Lemon poppy seed cake with coconut butter frosting4. As for frosting the cake I did it very lightly. I applied thin layer of frosting between the layers and more on the sides so I could scrape it off later (still keeping a natural "naked" cake look). Lemon poppy seed cake with coconut butter frosting5. Decorate it with poppy seeds, berries and flowers in keeping with the "au naturel" look ;-).Lemon poppy seed cake with coconut butter frosting Lemon poppy seed cake with coconut butter frostingHope you are feeling inspired.

Rasa xoxo


Baby friendly birthday cake

Baby friendly birthday cakeLast week we celebrated Lukas birthday and today I would like to share with you the recipe of the cake I made for him. I aimed for something sugar free of course that is suitable for a baby. I made sure to include banana in it just because Lukas loooovesss banana very much (maybe he is a minion who knows :D) and also because it adds some sweetness. The cake of course wasn't very sweet. I would say it was a brioche sweetness level. I also thought that it is better eaten warm, but I had to cool it down unfortunately to decorate it and make it look a little bit more festive ;-). For "butter cream" I just used whipping cream, so it wasn't sweet at all, but actually Lukas liked it very much so I guess it's ok ;-).  Baby friendly birthday cakeBABY BIRTHDAY CAKE

(for the cake)

  • 150g banana (about 1-2 bananas depending on size)
  • 1 egg
  • 60ml oil (I used refined olive oil, but rapeseed oil would probably be better)
  • 330g plain flour
  • 27g oats (I used pack of portioned porridge oats that actually comes in 27g)
  • 2tsp baking powder
  • 125ml milk
  • 3tbsp yogurt (I used greek style yogurt, but natural yogurt would work fine too)

(for decorations)

  • whipping cream, whipped till stiff (one tube of 300ml will do)
  • no added sugar chocolate (there is no such thing as sugar free chocolate my friends!)
  • blueberries (or any type of other berries that are sweet)

1. Whizz bananas, egg and oil in the food processor. Add all other ingredients and mix everything to combine.

2. Spoon the cake dough into small lined spring form tins (mine filled 4 tins).

3. Place the tins into preheated 180C oven and bake the cakes for 20min or so.

Baby friendly birthday cake4. Meanwhile I made chocolate cake decorations. I must admit I got little rusty, because I have not done it for aaaaages! I melted some chocolate, poured into pouch I made out of backing paper and cut the hole in it so I could pipe the chocolate out. I lined a metal baking tin with backing paper and piped chocolate on it in the leaf shapes. Placed it in the freezer for few minutes to set. Done!Baby friendly birthday cake5. Next up is decorating! Sandwich the cake by spreading whipped cream in between and then spread more on top and around to ice the cake. My tip is to really wait till the cakes are cool and trim the tops off, that really helps to make the cake square and therefore easy to ice.Baby friendly birthday cakeOnce the cake is iced, decorate it by piping some more whipped cream on top, sprinkling with blueberries and arranging some chocolate decorations on top if you wish.Baby friendly birthday cakeBaby friendly birthday cakeHope your baby likes it too ;-)

Rasa xx


Joni’s birthday trifle cake

Trifle cake, perfect summer occasion cake!I know this might be a bit delayed, but I thought I will share what cake I baked for Joni's birthday. This year Joni wanted a trifle (he mentioned that long time ago), but as you may all know it's a difficult one to transport (We celebrated the birthday in Mudeford). I instantly thought I of making a cake version of trifle dessert! I decided to use a basic sponge as a base and lady fingers holding the cake's shape (hence me experiments of baking lady fingers last week). Basically the aim was to make an edible dish if you know what I mean ;-). The result was great, however if I made this again, I would have filled it with more filling (the recipe edited accordingly). Unfortunately I wasn't prepared for such a large trifle "dish" :-D. Here it's how I got on... Trifle cake, perfect summer occasion cake!RASPBERRY TRIFLE CAKE

(for the sponge)

  • 225g butter
  • 225g sugar
  • 4 eggs
  • 225g plain flour
  • 2tsp baking powder

(for the filling)

  • 500g mascarpone and 500g fresh custard mixed together
  • 100ml sweet fruity liquor (such as cherry or  blackberry liquor)
  • 500g or more raspberries, drizzled with 2 tbsp elderflower cordial and lightly mashed


  • lady fingers, enough to cover the cake sides (try baking your own or just buy them ready baked)

1. Bake the sponge. Cream butter with sugar then gradually add eggs, flour and baking powder. Mix everything to combine well. Spoon the cake mixture into lined round baking tin and bake it in the preheated 180C oven for 45min or so.

2. Once the sponge has cooled I have cut the top away with the knife. The reason for this was so there would be no "hill" caused by the rising cake and because I did not want the crust stopping the sponge from absorbing the liquor.Trifle cake, perfect summer occasion cake!3. Next I have arranged the lady fingers around the sponge base sides. I used a bit of filling cream to make them stick. I tied the ribbon to fix everything in place.Trifle cake, perfect summer occasion cake!4. Layer the filling! Started with the cream layer then the raspberries (then the cream and raspberries again and so on), just because I thought cream would seal the sides better and stop the raspberry juice running through the lady finger gaps. Trifle cake, perfect summer occasion cake! Trifle cake, perfect summer occasion cake!Chill the trifle cake in the fridge before serving. Enjoy!

Rasa xoxo

Leia’s birthday celebrations!

Leia's Birthday CelebrationsYesterday Princess Leia turned 1 years old (Yey!), which makes her and an adult cat now (even though she still acts like a teenager). I decided to celebrate it today however, because Saturday is the day when I am mostly free! I made her a "cake" out of tuna decorated with the treats (because she just would not enjoy a regular birthday cake) and tried placing a tiara on her head...Leia's Birthday CelebrationsTo be completely honest after seeing this a while ago I had a specific image in my head how I would celebrate Leia's birthday. However I later realised that Leia is a cat and would not voluntarily wear a hat or eat a sweet cake (I don't even think this would be safe for her to eat). But since she is a Princess I thought I could at least make her wear a tiara. Initially I thought I could crochet it, but then I shouted to myself "whom am I kidding?". This much effort for crocheted tiara would most likely go to waist! Thats when I made a tiara out of paper. Leia's Birthday CelebrationsAs suspected Princess Leia did not like her crown :-(.Leia's Birthday CelebrationsBut we made her wear it anyways :-DLeia's Birthday CelebrationsFancy making tiara for your own cat? here is the drawing. All you need to do is cut it out and staple both ends together for the size you need ;-). Kitten's tiaraWell... At least Leia liked her birthday "cake"!Leia's Birthday CelebrationsI hope you have been entertained :-)

Rasa xoxo


My favourite moments of 2014

Eden Project 2014Hey dear crafters! Today is the last day of 2014! Are you ready for new beginnings? I love a fresh start, but also loved 2014. The year that is about to end was exciting and fun. This year is the year is when one of my biggest dreams came through as I got married to Joni!

2014 started with a trip to Eden Project. I like going somewhere warm while it's cold outside! While the Eden Project isn't in a hot country it's easy to imagine it is when you are surrounded by tropical plants. I feel super lucky to be able to travel to Florida this January (so looking forward! my bags are already packed with many summer dresses!).

If I had to pick my favourite knitting project of 2014, I would definitely choose my knitted cable sweater. It's the first sweater I have ever knitted and I love it so much up to this day and wear it quite frequently.My first ever hand knitted sweater: so pleased!2014 is when Joni visited Lithuania for the first time to meet my parents. It was a very misty weekend!Lithuanian mountainsVisiting Aunt Olivia in Beaulieu was also quite memorable (especially all those wild ponies!).

Beautiful Beaulieu I love spring and 2014 spring has been the bestiest so far! See what I have created while enjoying the meadow!Enjoying spring meadowA huge thanks to Suzanne for organising the most amazing Hen-do ever!My most amazing hen-doMy Wedding preparations has been stressful on some occasions, but I am thankful for the moments I had with Vicki. She was the only one who was able to fit me into my wedding dressWedding PreparationsOur Wedding was perfect if not better how we expected. The only thing I would do differently is choose the photographer carefully, especially when they are your friends. Our weddingWe spend our honeymoon in Tuscany where we enjoyed plenty of wine. You would never guess where we wanted to go for our honeymoon originally! It was Iceland, but we thought it would be nice to visit it in different season. Next autumn perhaps, to see the Northern Lights?

Here I am wearing one of the bridesmaid dresses that I made. I loved it so much that I wear it so often (thankful to Nicola for giving it back to me). Honeymoon in TuscanyAfter a honeymoon we had another Wedding celebrations in Lithuania. This was Joni's second time in my home countly!Wedding celebrations in LithuaniaIn September for my birthday we welcomed Princess Leia into our team.  She is so fun to play with (a bit distracting when I am trying to get some work done!).

Our cat Princess LeiaVisited Granny Elizabeth twice in lovely Cley-next-the-Sea!Cley-next-the-seaVisiting Lithuania for Christmas is a nice way to end the year! I just wish there were snow on the seaside...Seaside in WinterI hope you have great New Year celebrations and may 2015 bring you fresh new beginnings ;-)

Rasa x


Evangeline’s birthday cake

Chocolate sponge and Vanilla Cranberry cheesecake in oneThis cake that I baked for Evangeline's birthday almost two weeks ago was received with the "awww..." wow!" and "that's amazing" praises. Little did the know that this cake did not come out exactly how I imagined! I was experimenting with baking cheesecake on the top of the sponge (something like this). I took two of my favourite recipes and combined, the cheesecake unfortunately went under the sponge. I guess I will have to do more experimenting in the future! Chocolate sponge and Vanilla Cranberry cheesecake in oneCHOCOLATE SPONGE & VANILLA CHEESECAKE WITH THE CRANBERRY TOPPING

(for the sponge)

  • 50g dark chocolate
  • 55g butter
  • 100g golden caster sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 2tbsp milk
  • 2tbsp yogurt
  • 70g plain flour
  • 2tsp baking powder

(for the cheesecake filling)

  • 400g soft cheese
  • 120g caster sugar
  • 1 tsp cornflour
  • 3 eggs
  • vanilla seeds scraped from one pod
  • 1/4 tsp lemon juice or white vinegar

(for the topping)

  • 200g cranberry sauce
  • 300g fresh cranberries
  • 50g sugar

1. First make a chocolate sponge cake mix. Melt the chocolate in a heatproof bowl set over a pan of simmering water, then remove from the heat and set aside.

2. In Another bowl, cream the butter and sugar together until pale and fluffy. Add the rest of the ingredients gradually (including melted chocolate) and mix to combine. Spoon the mixture into the prepared baking pan.

3. Next, make a cheesecake filling. Place all the ingredients into the bowl or large measuring jug and mix everything well with the hand processor (I find this method the quickest!).  Chocolate sponge and Vanilla Cranberry cheesecake in one4. Pour in the cheesecake mixture on top of the sponge cake mixture. Pop the baking tin into the preheated 170C oven and leave there to bake for about an hour or hour and half. The cheesecake has to be not too wobbly!Chocolate sponge and Vanilla Cranberry cheesecake in one5. While cheesecake is baking, prepare the cranberry topping. Put cranberries, sugar and cranberry sauce into the small saucepan. Heat everything and mix until the sugar dissolves and cranberries bruise slightly.

Chocolate sponge and Vanilla Cranberry cheesecake in one6. Once cheesecake is cooked and cooled top it with the cranberry topping and let it set in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

7. Decorate this cheesecake with biscuits. I used some melted chocolate as a glue!Chocolate sponge and Vanilla Cranberry cheesecake in oneA nice ribbon holds everything in place and it makes the cake look so cute!Chocolate sponge and Vanilla Cranberry cheesecake in oneYou can dust the cake with some icing sugar, but be warned! This lovely frosting effect does not last very long time :-(OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEnjoy cake decorating :-)

Rasa xoxo


Pinterest challenge: chocolate caramel and pecan turtle clusters

chocolate caramel and pecan turtle clustersI thought these mini sweat treats would be perfect for our house warming party, but never ended up making them. I eventually made them for a different reason, a serious need of chocolate fix! I found the recipe at Inspired Dreamer, but was quite disappointed with the missing instructions. It did not explain how to make the caramel! To be quite honest, I wanted a quick fix, so I was happy not to make any caramel, instead I used a shop bought. The only downside of that is that the shop bought caramel does not harden (unlike the homemade buttery caramel), therefore these clusters did not hold well (chocolate was holding everything). It was still very satisfying to eat, but if you made them with homemade caramel then they would be quite suitable to be wrapped like sweats or placed in the jar as a gift!chocolate caramel and pecan turtle clustersCHOCOLATE CARAMEL AND PECAN TURTLE CLUSTERS adopted from Inspired Dreamer 

  • 100g pecan nuts, toasted (whole)
  • 100g caramel
  • 200g milk chocolate, melted

chocolate caramel and pecan turtle clusters1. Simply arrange the pecans onto baking paper (although no baking needed here), spoon a small portion of caramel of each and cover it with melted milk chocolate. chocolate caramel and pecan turtle clusters2. Place the tray into the fridge (or freezer if you want a quick result) and it is ready in 15 min!chocolate caramel and pecan turtle clustersEat them quick, before it's gone!chocolate caramel and pecan turtle clustersHave a nice week ;-)

Rasa xoxo


Party decoration

Making a garland out of greeting cardsLast weekend we had our house warming party! I got busy with the decoration straight away... well, at least with the planning. I generally love garlands, because they are fun to make and they give such a wow factor (if you make enough of them of course). I used all of those greetings cards that we have received for our engagement and wedding, because I would not like to throw them out (but I can't keep them either). I absolutely love reusing something that I already have! Making a garland out of greeting cardsWe simply (me and Vicki) have made many heart shapes out of the greeting cards by using this heart hole punch. They are easy to find in many craft shops, I am sure one of the Tiger shops would have them ;-). Making a garland out of greeting cards Making a garland out of greeting cardsVicki even cut out some of the shapes that she found on the cards. Here you could find even more hearts, birds, flowers and even butterflies!!! Making a garland out of greeting cardsMeanwhile I started connecting all the card shapes with needle and thread. Making a garland out of greeting cards Making a garland out of greeting cardsLeia was really eager to help, mainly because she believed that we are making a new toy for her. Making a garland out of greeting cardsBut we did include a cat shaped card figure on the garland which we thought was super cute!!! :)Making a garland out of greeting cardsHope you feel inspired for your future parties to come ;-)

Rasa x


Happy 1st of September!

my school years1st of September has always been an official 1st day at school in Lithuania with celebration and parades. Don't you think that celebration is a great way to start the school? To me this was something I looked forward to, although I was never a good student (except arts and biology). Free lovely pattern printouts Another thing I was looking forward to at school was catching up with my friends, shopping for new stationary, organising the books and getting ready to start. So I could say organisation has been my stronger point. I used to enjoy (still enjoying) putting things in order so it looks prettier and it's easy to find stuff when you need them. I guess I should be able to give you some tips in this area of my expertise. But one thing I should point out that this won't make you a better student and spending too much time on it will lose your focus on something else more important. I of course have learned that good balance is the key to almost everything! My school yearsFree lovely pattern printouts to cover your booksSo today I would just like to share a project on how to protect your books with pretty covers (extra printable patterns as well). Click here for full project walkthrough. protecttive book cover DIY protective book cover DIY


Good luck and have fun at school (or work)

Rasa x


‘Let’s celebrate!’ crate

Let's celebrate confetti cones crate, DIY stepsHey! Aren't you supper happy that the summer bank holiday is almost here? I know I am! Although I am nowhere near to Notting Hill Carnival, extra free time with my hubby is worth to celebrate! So I thought a project on how to make the confetti cones crate would be quite appropriate. I made this crate for our wedding, but I think it can be used on many occasions. I have upcycled this box from vegetable wooden crate, so it doesn't require lots of money to do this project either. Just walk by a grocery shop or market and I am sure you will find a crate for grabs ;-). fill the cones with confetti Confetti cones used at our weddingFill the cones with confettiConfetti used in our wedding, DIY your own confetti cones crate!Enjoy your last days of summer ;-)

Rasa xoxo


Seating chart design

seating chart designWhen it comes to organising big events such as weddings, the seating chart is much needed poster. But does it have to be a poster? We tried to avoid that in our wedding. After checking out some ideas on Pinterest, I initially got attracted with the idea of drying line design (with the rope, pegs and stuff). Our wedding planner even suggested we use some garden forks as something that we can wrap the rope around. But we were already tight with the budget and did not want to buy those garden forks (especially when I no longer have a garden to use those tools). Then somehow the idea came to my head to make it as a bunting. I always liked bunting, but our venue looked too good to cover all the features with bunch of flags. This subtle table chart design not only fulfilled my earlier decorational dreams, but also it really worked together with other deco such as name place cards and painted marigolds. Yey!name place card designTo make seating chart design as a bunting I have printed guest names together with table number on separate cards then cut it out in flag shape. I folded each flag top edge, inserted a ribbon together with double sided tape and sealed it. Yep, It's that simple! seating chart designseating chart designInspired? good!

Rasa xoxo



Wedding dress alterations

my wedding dressOnce someone told me that when it comes to the wedding planning choose one thing that is most important to you, spend most of the money for that and make everything else work around it. This advice stuck in my head throughout my wedding planning! I guess majority of the brides would say that the most important wedding thing is a dress, but that wasn't the case for me. I prioritised the venue (and caterers that sort of came with the venue), leaving the dress on the low budget.

Initially I thought to make my own dress, but then I realised that this might stress me out as it would take more than one skilled person to help me. So then I have decided to alter an excising dress. I tried Nicola's wedding dress and then some wedding dresses at the charity shop and hey.... I got lucky with one of them ;-). I paid £100 for slightly damaged dress that I knew how to fix. That was a good first spend from our wedding budget don't you think? After that the dress stayed untouched for good few months as I was trying to slim down before altering it (I could not completely fit into the dress even if the size was bigger that my usual!). My slimming down wasn't going well however :-(. At some point I have even though to replace the zip with the lace. Luckily my friend Vicki have managed to squeeze me in just on time. Another thing I dreamed about was adding some lace to the dress, however I needed someone who knew dressmaking to help me. As an alternative I thought I will just add some ribbon flowers, however that did not quite worked out either (read on, will tell later).

wedding dress alterationsAs  you can see, originally the dress had halter neck which I completely disliked. Yes, it looked unique, but I did not feel it was my style! So the first alteration I have made (after fixing a broken zip) was to cut them off and tuck them in over the "boobtube" edge.

wedding dress alterationswedding dress alterationsNext, I fixed the obvious. The broken button loop has been stitched back and the trail connectors has been reinforced. wedding dress alterationsWith the halter neck off the dress seemed sitting very low exposing too much of my cleavage. I felt like I needed some straps to push the dress up. However I wasn't keen on the straps so I was thinking to come back to my original idea to add some lace over the dress alterationsThe lace idea did not worked out, too difficult to do that by myself and I really did not want to get a mannequin just for this occasion. So making a long strap going over the neck made complete sense. I know I know this looks like another halter neck, but at least it suited my taste!wedding dress alterationsNext step was cleaning the dress. When I found out that to dry clean the dress would cost at least £70, I have decided to wash it myself. I have done quite a bit of research and realised that this is quite safe to do. What did I have to lose? my dress only costed a £100! So I gave my dress a little warm bath with some Ecover Delicate Laundry Liquid and it came out super clean. I would like to say it almost came out brilliant white, but it did't as the dress was ivory. But if it was a white dress I am sure the bath would have turned it into brilliant white!

Getting rid of the creases was a tough task. Luckily it passed the iron test, so I steamed ironed the whole dress. It was still quite challenging as there were many layers to go through!! Washing and ironing my wedding dressAs I mentioned at the beginning of this post I planned to decorate the dress with some ribbon flower brooches, however it did not look as I have imagined. So last minute decision was just to leave the dress plain. I did however decorated my wedding shoes with coloured ribbon flowers. That worked really well!bride's wedding dress + shoes!!

I hope you have been inspired ;-)

Rasa xoxo


Wedding preparations

Rasa&Joni weddingWhile preparing for our wedding I have been often told (well... ok, just couple of times) that there are so many things that can go wrong on the actual wedding day. They were concerned that I did not look stressed enough! In the matter of fact, I have been a little stressed, but not about things going wrong on the day, but more about the the logistics as it all seemed like a huge puzzle to me. This was my first ever wedding that I organised (with the help of friends and family of course)! Anyway, our day turned out just fine! Despite few teeny-weeny errors that worked out for the best, everything went swimmingly. One of the things I especially enjoyed is getting ready on the day with the bunch of girls including my mum. Here is how it went (as much as I remember)...

  • At about 6am we woke up (that is unlike me btw). By we, I mean me and my bestie Vicki. We slept in our wedding suite to be in the Mandolay hotel. It was very sunny and while in bed I screamed "I am getting married today!" multiple times. You see, I could not quite believe that, so I had to say that out load.
  • At 6:18am my photographer texted that he is going to be in the hotel at 8:30am. What? The wedding is only at 1pm, I guess he wanted to take the pics of all the preparations. At that point I have started working out the coffee machine so I could make well needed coffee for both me and Vicki (the first cup of coffee turned out to be water scented with coffee)
  • At 6:44am I have received a text from my Matron of Honour, Suzanne! It was a sticker saying "Keep Calm It's Your Wedding Day!", I got even more excited! I tried on lacy dressing gown and I have been ordered to pose for Vicki for some photos (she sneakily send some to Joni). Even more texts and Facebook messages received indicating today is THE DAY by this time!
  • At about 7:30am we went for breakfast, this is when our photographer joined us (a bit earlier than anticipated, but I don't mind extra photos!). Here is one of our first pics. Very arty farty view of our hands! On previous day we had a manicure and painted our nails in Marigold colours, Vicki decided to match Nicolas (my new sister's) nails that were orange.

Our marigold themed nails

  • At about 8:30am we headed down to Liz Earle store to get my make up done. While walking down the road me, Vicki and Ovo (our photographer) have been chatting and joking (one of the pros having friend photographer is that it does not make the taking pictures process too awkward).
  • At 9am Nicola (make up artist) has started her intricate work. She managed to make my eyes look a little bit like Hepburn Audrey's just with the black pencil!

Make up done at LIz Earle

  • Meanwhile while Ovo was taking photos of the place (still chatting and joking), Vickie has been taking her own pics and texting them and corresponding with Joni and Nicola (The sister... I know I know this is confusing having two Nicola's in the story). Joni texted that the chandeliers in the venue are already decorated with ivy (ahh, such a relief!)  and Nicola is waiting in the hotel outside our room (felt a little bit sorry for her).

Make up done at LIz Earle

  • At around 10am make up is done! super pleased! Now back to the hotel as I have been notified that the whole crowd is waiting at the hotel!
  • As soon as we got back to the hotel we have been welcomed by huge girly crowd including Suzanne, Nicola, Anna (my dear friend who used to live next door to me), Nicola, Suzanne's new born baby and her mum and most importantly my mum. I had to call the hairdresser as she was waiting in the car park. At first it has been overwhelming as everyone had their own idea where to start with preparation, however I asked to wait for my hair to be done first. Nicola have handed me a written letter from Joni (that helped to regain my focus). He wanted to write a last letter to me with my maiden name on it! It was a lovely poem that I have read out loud.

Reading Joni's poem

  • At around 10:30am everyone cooled down and started enjoying themselves (it must have been a bottle of fizz).

Wedding preparation fun

  • It has been really lovely to hear laughter and chats while Anna have been preparing for her violin and vocal performances for the ceremony. It was quite magical! Me, Ovo and Enza (hairdresser) have been joking how none of us have been involved in the wedding for a while... well, I found that quite funny :)


  • At 11:30am is dress fitting time! The dress that I have got from charity shop has always been slightly too small and the diet did not really help me to slim down around the bust area. I will talk about my dress some other time but for now I can only say that it took all the bridesmaids to pull it on, including Anna who was really worried that the dress might tear.

IMG_0032 IMG_0041

  • Few more fixes such as blowdrying and spraying my polka-dot tights with hairspray to stop static on a dress causing it to cling to my legs (something I have learned from working at the fashion shows in my fashion design past).

Final dress fixes




  • At around 12pm I was quite relieved to have my dress on so I pulled some silly faces! (I don’t think I took Ovo’s orders to pose for pics seriously)Silly-me


My perfect bride pose ;-)

  • At around 12:30am time to go! I was trying to pin a boutonniere on my dad's suit lapel. Oh, dear! I was so clueless! Thankfully Suzanne was there to help.

pinning dad's boutonniere

  • While in the car with my dad I remember being out of air. A combination of nervousness and a very tight dress caused me slight distress, but I managed with deep slow breaths. I think the scariest thing was too see all the crowd waiting for my entrance, it was hard to hold my tears!

My entrance to church on my wedding day

Rasa xoxo