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Making a garland out of greeting cardsLast weekend we had our house warming party! I got busy with the decoration straight away… well, at least with the planning. I generally love garlands, because they are fun to make and they give such a wow factor (if you make enough of them of course). I used all of those greetings cards that we have received for our engagement and wedding, because I would not like to throw them out (but I can’t keep them either). I absolutely love reusing something that I already have! Making a garland out of greeting cardsWe simply (me and Vicki) have made many heart shapes out of the greeting cards by using this heart hole punch. They are easy to find in many craft shops, I am sure one of the Tiger shops would have them ;-). Making a garland out of greeting cards Making a garland out of greeting cardsVicki even cut out some of the shapes that she found on the cards. Here you could find even more hearts, birds, flowers and even butterflies!!! Making a garland out of greeting cardsMeanwhile I started connecting all the card shapes with needle and thread. Making a garland out of greeting cards Making a garland out of greeting cardsLeia was really eager to help, mainly because she believed that we are making a new toy for her. Making a garland out of greeting cardsBut we did include a cat shaped card figure on the garland which we thought was super cute!!! :)Making a garland out of greeting cardsHope you feel inspired for your future parties to come ;-)

Rasa x

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  1. Jacolien September 15, 2014 at 1:35 pm #

    What a great idea to use the cards you received for your wedding. It gives the garland something extra special!
    Thanks for the inspiration!


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