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Photography challenge: shutter speed to capture motion

 When I was searching how to use speed shutter I came across many beautiful pictures like these on Pinterest, which inspired me to do photography focused on motion. Although shutter speed is meant to control the light that comes through the lens it seem that it is often used to capture the moment in very […]


August favourites

Can you believe it? Today is the last day of Summer…. and then the Autumn! I actually miss colder days, so all good with me ;-). August have been great too! I spend most of it preparing for our new baby arrival (it’s getting close!).  I have knitted hat, pair of socks and now I […]


May favourites

It’s June already so essentially you could call it summer, but somehow it doesn’t feel like summer :(. Although I do believe it will come soon! For now I thought I will share my May favourites. First I was addicted to strawberries (I guess thats what baby wants and needs :-D). No wonder I ate […]


Knitted projects: from vision to reality

It’s this time of year when its getting chillier outside and you can’t wait to settle indoors for a cup of tea and a knitting project + the biscuits. I am getting in that mood already! I’ve started knitting a new cardigan for the winter ;-). I don’t know about you, but I love creating […]


Bridesmaids dresses

When deciding on bridesmaid dresses I came across this blog post with the picture of bridesmaids wearing mixed style summer dresses. Unfortunately I can no longer find that post that I had pinned on my secret Pinterest board (I sometimes suspect Pinterest deletes some of my pins :-(). Anyhow, that look really inspired me! So […]