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Year three with books: “Anna Karenina”

So lately I been reading like mad, its that time of year when it is about to end and I have like few books to still read…Eek! I finally finished reading “Anna Karenina”  (that was quite a mission). It’s made out of two books people!!! This book is considered a classic and I think its […]


Year three with books: “Bridget Jones’s Diary”

 I bet everyone knows this book! It’s a classic cringe comedy as Joni would call it. Oh, and it made into the movies! To be honest I felt like the movie actually polluted my imagination as I was reading this book as I could just imagine Bridget as Renée Zellweger (there is no way from running […]


Year three with books: “The 80/20 Principle”

This book turned out to be exactly what I expected to be. I am not sure if 20/80 principle is common sense or if I knew it deep in me but I feel like I have not learned much. I have been reminded of few things, but certainly it have not been ground breaking! The […]


Year three with books: “The Shack”

I finished this book just in time for Easter, which reminded what relationship with God is really about. Thanks for iBooks version I could read it on my phone while in labour or while feeding Tomas to sleep. Basically I have been reading this heart warming book just when I needed, during the most challenging […]


Year three with books: “How Eskimos Keep their Babies Warm”

 So no baby here yet, but I am definitely on top of my reading list this year. Decided to prioritise the parenting book, although what I learned is better applied to Lukas rather than the new baby to come. “How Eskimos Keep their Babies Warm” is a very interesting book about parenting in different cultures. […]


Year three with books

I have been setting a goal to read books for two years so far. And I am not planning to quit this year either! In fact I decided to do it differently this year, I thought I will finish reading the books that I once started but not finished in the past. Of course there […]


Year two with books: “Life of Pi”

Well well well, where shall I begin. To start with I would like to say that I made my goal for this year, I finished this within a week (my personal best speed in reading. And the book wasn’t the easiest to read! Oh no! A lot of people I spoke to who read a […]


Year two with books: “According to Yes”

The year is almost to end and there is one more book to read, which is achievable but only just. For now I would like to share my thoughts on the current book I just finished reading, “According to Yes” by Dawn French. As you know I love Dawn French writing style, however I found […]


Year two with books: “Riding Rockets” review

I have been holidaying last week even though it did not feel like holidays at all as I had Lukas with me.  It’s just not the same anymore! I found it difficult to relax and do my usual holiday stuff such as sunbathing and sleeping (I know, you might be thinking my expectations were very high). […]


Year two with books: “Bringing Up Bébé” Review

This is the first book I read from my book list this year and I am glad I started with this particular one. It gave me lots of good ideas on how to deal with usual baby problems (sleeping for example) which is what I needed to cope with the first few months of bringing […]


Year two with books

 Almost same time last year I made a goal to read six books in the year. And it worked magic! Not only that I achieved my last year’s goal but I also enjoyed the process too. This year I don’t have a goal to read more books, but I thought I should still set a […]


A year with books: “To Kill A Mocking Bird” Review

It’s almost end of the year and my final book is finished! So my mission to read more books is completed ;-). To be honest it was quite easy to read this many books this year (considering I read none the previous years). I had loads of time while pregnant and now while feeding Lukas […]