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A year with books: “The Undomestic Goddess” Review

These couple of weeks has been all about waiting for our baby arrival and getting ready for him (yes, it’s a boy!)…. and just generally tidying the house after our big move. But what I preferred is sitting, relaxing, knitting and reading. It was a good opportunity to pick up my next book to read: […]


A year with books: “Sense and Sensibility” Review

It has been a while since I last written a book review. This book was a challenge to begin with and I was putting it off for few months. Because of it’s old language it was difficult to get into the story, but once I did, it was totally worth it! I think Jane Austin […]


A year with books: “Two Caravans” Review

It’s only May and I’ve finished reading my third book (I am already half way)! My reading routine became so enjoyable these days that I fall into book more often than planned. Although the other books I read were quite amazing, I enjoyed reading “Two Caravans” the most. I just wonder what would english person […]


A year with books: “Oh Dear Silvia” Review

It is April and my second book reading is finished, yey! Five more wonderful books to go! Although I did not have much time to read these couple of months, every time I picked up this book it kind of melted as I read (that is a sign of good book I think). Anyways, as […]


A year with books: “Flora and Grace” Review

Last month I mentioned that I will read at least 6 books this year as my new year’s goal. I set myself to read these books and so far I read my first one: “Flora and Grace” by Maureen Lee (I am so way ahead with my plan right now!). I decided to review it […]


A year with books

One of my New Year resolutions was to read more books. I am embarrassed to say that the maximum number of books (and by books I mean novels) I read in the year was about 3. And 3 is a very small little number. No wonder I so often get stuck for words when I […]


Learn how to bind books!

Every time I want to start a journal or a diary I can’t find one that I like in the shops. Can you relate? They either are too expensive or the styles available don’t quite fit mine. So that is why I have decided to make my own book. There are so many pros to […]


Protect and customise your favourite books!

The other day me and my friend Vickie (and Nadine) went for a afternoon coffee. While at the cafe, Vicki taught me how to cover the books so they last longer. I don’t know about you, but when I use the book over and over again I tend to really destroy it. So I am […]


Cafe Inspirations: our weekend away in Paris

Now when we announced our big news last week, you have wondered what this cafe is going to look/feel like?! Let me share a glimpse of it through the french cafes and patisseries we visited on our weekend away in Paris. It was quite an inspiration! Those who have been following us here for a […]


My 2019 goals

I usually set my new year goals on New Years eve (or even before), but this time I waited… I was worried, because I was still not sure if the new venture is going to work out. What if it did not and then I would need to cross that goal off? I realised the […]


Our new kitchen reveal

If you knew how long it took us to build this kitchen then you would understand how excited I am right now when it is finally finished! We started this project two years ago, just few months before Tomas was born. Originally this was a study or a front room (pic bellow). We have our […]


Herb infused jams

I know I know you might think that I am obsessed with blackberries (which is true). But how can you resist when these berries are so plump and lush right now? We just loooove picking them as we go for a walk! Last year when I was cooking through Little Paris Kitchen book I found this […]


Bake-with-kids yogurt cake

Ever since reading Bringing up bebe and French kids eat everything I got the notion that the kids and I could bake things one day. Maybe even experiment with different flavours and help them grow to love food. This sounded like a fairy tale when we were going through terrible-twos and all Lukas would eat was […]