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Things I look forward to in October

Autumn colours in the boxOctober may be uneventful, but there are plenty of things to look forward to… such as autumn itself! :)

1. AUTUMN is a beautiful season. Look at all the colours! And it’s not only orange, brown and yellow…. I love the combinations of pink, forest green, orange and cream. And lets not forget purple! I have been so inspired by it all that I have been painting last night like mad (and that does not happen very often). I love creating new patterns. New autumn pattern bellow is here for you to nick, use it to wrap a gift or put in on the wall ;-). Friendly Nettle autumn pattern2. KNITTING JUMPERS is almost my part time job. I took on three (yes, three) jumper knitting projects so far. But that’s quite enjoyable as I can do it while watching a movie or chatting with a friend! Here is my first cardigan in progress, can you guess what part it is? Yes, it’s a sleeve! Many more parts to go :-).Progress on my knitted cardigan3. DRINKING HOT DRINKS kind of goes with knitting. It’s important to keep yourself warm and all snuggled up while doing some crafty work! My favourite hot drink at the moment is spiced coffee (although I haven’t had any this year yet, but will make some soon!). It’s one of those drinks that is satisfying and not too fattening (minding my figure right now!). Click here for the recipe ;-).Spiced CoffeeHappy October!!!

Rasa xoxo



Autumn wardrobe inspiration

Good old days knitwear style First things first, happy happy first day of autumn! Aren’t you loving this? If you asked me this question 5 years ago I would ask what is there to like about autumn? I really disliked the cold wether (still do). But recently somehow I have learned to love autumn. I guess I have to thank my friend Vicki here, who claims to like all the seasons :-). I finally see what she means! Autumn brings rich amber colours, reminds you that there is Christmas to look forward to, inspires you with new wardrobe to wear and makes you to snuggle in comfortable chair with some knitting project + cup of hot chocolate. Yey, about the last bit! We (me, Vicki and her mum) are even thinking to knit together some day over Skype!

Anyhow, today I have been looking for some autumn wardrobe inspiration. This time I ditched Pinterest and browsed trough my old knitting books instead. I used to laugh at these old clothes styles thinking “who would actually wear these hideous looking sweaters?”. But now I have complete different outlook on them. I think the clothes can be quite wearable if only they were styled differently. I guess dieting were not an option those days ;-).

Good old days styleMy dream right now is to knit an autumn dress. But to be completely honest, this is one of my high sky dreams. To knit a dress in fine stitches would take forever considering I have three other jumper projects on the queue! Oh, well… I  still like dreaming about it and you never know what will happen in next few months… Good old days style knitted dressesOne thing I must note about old books, they are brilliant in explaining how to knit. There are so many things I have learned from them! They all have very clear illustrations and actual written pattern with no abbreviations! This is what I call straight forward knitting!good old days knitwear styleHope you enjoyed having a glimpse at my old (Lithuanian) kitting books ;-)

Rasa xoxo


✿The Edible Garden Show✿

The edible garden show in London

Today I had a chance to pop in to The Edible Garden Show! Luckily it is just round the corner :-). Sometimes it’s so convenient to live in London. This event has really inspired me, not to mentioned that I have accidentally bumped into His Majesty Prince Charles!

So, I have been inspired to start seedings now (bought plenty of seed packs while there) or I will have to buy ready plants very soon. I also got inspired to help bees by creating this bee hotel!

Help for bees

I also participated in degradable pot making DIY organised by Garden Organic charity. I have posted a tutorial on how to make degradable pots using empty toilet paper rolls earlier this year. Using newspaper instead is an alternative.

Make a newspaper pot planting pot

Just follow there simple steps: 1. have compost, seed, newspaper and small bottle ready. 2. Fold the newspaper piece 1inch in and place the bottle on top. 3. wrap the newspaper piece around the bottle. 4. Fold in the bottom and press it against the flat surface such as table. 5. remove the bottle and your pot is ready! 6. pour the compost into the pot, then place the seed and then cover with a little bit more compost.


From now on urban herbs is my favourite herb supplier! They even had chocolate mint plant… whats not to like about that?

Chocolate Mint plant

Feniton Foods has inspired me to grow edible flowers in my garden! Huge potential here, don’t you think?

Flowery bakes :-)

Although marigolds are not suitable for baking (perfect for salads however), I went completely crazy about them when I was buying the seeds. The good place to go is the edible flower shop ;-).

Marigolds are edible flowers

If you would like to visit The Edible Garden Show, you are not too late as it ends by the end of this weekend. Go here for details.

Rasa xoxo


Name the boat!

Boat names

If I had to name anything I would love to name a boat… just because they are most fun and often sound silly. I often go for a walk by river Lea and love spotting new boat names. “Buzzy Lizzy” and “Stardust” are my favourite right now. How would you name yours if you owned a boat?

Boat names Boat names Boat names Boat names Boat names Boat names

Have an amazing week ahead!

Rasa oxo


Spring wardrobe inspiration

Spring dresses from fleet collectionI have recently started dreaming about warm spring weather, when the winter coat is not going to be an only dress code :-D. This is why I can’t wait to start making my own dresses. I found these 50’s inspired dresses on etsy that are perfect for the season to come. Just throw the cardigan on and pull the polka dot tights on!

Spring wardrobe inspiration

BTW, I found this useful polka dot tights DIY. Just reuse your old tights then ;-)

Happy spring waiting ;-)



DIY Christmas tree

last year's tree

Danish Christmas(PICTURE ABOVE) Although I have made my mind to get a real Christmas tree this year I still adore the idea of DIY tree. Last year I decorated few twigs that was quite original I thought at that time… until I saw these!

(PICTURE ON THE LEFT) Love this simple idea, a tree made out of Christmas lights :). Visit Planete Deco for more.

(PICTURE BELLOW) And how about a tree made out of cardboard? It might be not the prettiest thing, but I can see so much potential in this, just think about decorating it! Go to Instructables to download your christmas tree template!


Not into the boxed one? Then here is the prettier one from etsy!


This one is my favourite so far. Go to Handmade Charlotte for useful DIY instructions.


I had a thought of making something like this last year! I guess Pejper (sweedish bloggers) got it first.

wooden tree

And the last but not least here is an idea for yarn “tree”! I love it’s functionality. Visit My Poppet for DIY instructions.


I hope you are inspired!

Rasa xoxo


Renegate Craft Fair in London

Emma Cocker

Just came back from Renegate Craft Fair, just down the road from where I live! What a great place to visit for some inspiration and unique gifts for Christmas (perfect timing!). I will try to summarise, although that’s tough as I have seen lots of inspiring things today. This is why I would strongly advise you to visit this fair yourself if you are free this weekend and in London!

I will start with Michelle Galletta (Kiriki), who make embroidered doll kits… so basically your gift could be half made by you! Check out her website for an amazing embroidery stitch library :).


Lucie Ellen gives you an opportunity to design your own bunting necklace, how lovely!

Lucie ellen Lucie Ellen

I am in love with these cute miniature plush toys that come in their own “houses”….


These ones are made by Kekekaka!


And these cuties are made by Sweet William :). In fact I came across Sweet William on Pinterest, so I was quite excited to see actual workmanship in front of me!! Wouldn’t you?

Sweet William

And finally, but not least it’s Oh No Rachio! I must say I have been attracted to these lovely planters by the succulents that I adore…. and by Rachel Basinger smile of course! :)

IMG_6178 Oh no Rachio!

Hope to see you there!

Rasa xoxo


Christmas decorations at Petersham Nurseries

Christmas decorations from Petersham Nurseries

I mentioned Petersham Nurseries before, it’s our favourite place in London right now! Recently Vicki have paid another visit there and came back with the beautiful Christmas decoration pictures. How can you not be inspired, even if holidays seems still far away? I already started thinking on how to make something similar for my craft projects…. I especially love these “ribbons” made out of scrap fabric!

Christmas decorations from Petersham Nurseries

Christmas decorations from Petersham Nurseries

I love this etched glass detail on silver baubles!

Christmas decorations from Petersham Nurseries

Christmas decorations from Petersham Nurseries

This bird hanging decoration is Vicki’s favourite! Seems simple to make, yet quite impressive.

Christmas decorations from Petersham Nurseries

I am quite obsessed with woodland theme this year! So these are perfect for that ;)

Christmas decorations from Petersham Nurseries

Christmas decorations from Petersham Nurseries

Big thanks to Vicki for these pretty pictures, visit her Pinterest page for more inspiration!

Rasa :)


Pinterest lovers, let’s unite!

Hey! do you like Pinterest? I love it! Its like making inspiration idea boards online, except with less mess. If you are like me, you will be excited about this as I have created a special group crafts board that anybody can join. Basically anything that inspires you to do crafts or the DIY projects can be pinned there and because it is a group board it will be fun to see what everybody else is doing! Interested? Read on to see instructions on how to join :).

Follow Crafts! by Rasa at Friendly Nettle on Pinterest

So if you want to join follow these simple steps:

1. Follow me on Pinterest (if you haven’t done so).

2. Comment here that you did it together with your Pinterest user name.

That’s it!

As soon as I receive your comment I will follow you back and send an invitation to you to join the group.

Happy pinning!

Rasa xoxo


✄ The Knitting & Stitching Show ✄



I had such an inspiring day yesterday at The Knitting & Stitching Show :) in London. It was defiantly worth to visit! This event is for everybody who loves crafts as it has many exhibitors who offers classes, supplies, books or ready crafted goodness to sell. Although it was quite overwhelming to see so much in one day, I have few favourites: Sheep Of Steel hand-spins this lovely yarn (pictures above and bellow)

Fabric Affair

Really pretty Irish fabric (Fabric Affair picture above and Magee Of Donegal picture bellow)

Maggee of Donegal

And some work with Liberty fabrics. I love Liberty fabrics!


I was quite tempted to buy everything, but I settled for something that was on sale (lots and lots of yarns that I am looking forward to work with!), a pair vintage plastic needles (I so want more of them), and tatting shuttles (I will tell you more about it next time).


You wish you were there? Well, you are not too late! It is on for this weekend in Alexander Palace, London.

Have a lovely weekend then!

Rasa :)


Inspirations: Vicki’s illiustrations

Vicki's art

Today I have decided to share about what inspires me to be crafty. The biggest inspiration right now is my best friends illustrations! I love Vicki’s painting style, colours and messy lines. Aww… and I am really inspired by this autumn nature theme (above).

Vicki'e art*

What is your inspiration?

Rasa :)