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Forest in patterns

 I have been so busy this year that I forgot when was the last time I have been creative. So no wonder when we went on holiday and walked around in the forest in Lithuania I was amazed once again how beautiful nature is! After taking detailed pictures of fern, moss, wild blueberry bushes and […]


Knitting basic socks (part 2)

Knitting socks is super fun. At least this is my favourite thing to knit! And yes it can involve many knitting needles, but this is nothing that you should be scared of! Although I get lots of people terrified when they see me knitting socks, knitting with 5 double ended needles is easer than you […]


My favourite embroidery stitch styles

After talking how fun it is to do hand stitching (rather than using sewing machine) I thought I will share what I know about embroidery (hand stitching and hand sewing kind of go hand in hand). You might find that some of the hand stitches that you learned with hand sewing are very similar to embroidery […]