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Autumn wardrobe inspiration

First things first, happy happy first day of autumn! Aren’t you loving this? If you asked me this question 5 years ago I would ask what is there to like about autumn? I really disliked the cold wether (still do). But recently somehow I have learned to love autumn. I guess I have to thank […]


Bill’s Japanese Curry

To be completely honest I am not big on oriental cuisine, but Joni loves it very much, so I have been quite eager to learn. This is why I was really happy to receive Bill’s Everyday Asian cook book as a gift from Amanda and Dan. I came across Bill’s restaurant over a year ago […]


Our apartment in Tuscany

We were on the strict budget when planning our honeymoon. If you have read wedding dress alterations post, you probably remember that most of our money went on the reception venue and caterers. But our holidays turned out amazing! Sometime low budget doesn’t have to be less enjoyable. Sometimes you just have to be more […]


Last knitting group meeting in Tottenham

It’s have been really fun meeting everybody for knitting and cup of tea with a cake in our knitting get-togethers. This was quite an experience for me too! We have learned different methods of casting on, knitting and interesting new stitches. We shared tips and even books! Sadly this is coming to the end as […]


Time to organise your handbag!

  We, ladies, love to organise (or most of us)! Our overfilled/have everything you need handbags are no exception!  I do admit, sometimes I wonder if I take more time organising or doing actual tasks. Last year I made the cosmetic bag that Vickie loved. This year I have decided to made a book pouch. Because […]


Ghost meringue cake

As Halloween is fast approaching I thought I will bake Beetroot chocolate meringue cake for today’s knitting group meet up. I made the meringues on the cake look like little ghost! The base recipe is adopted from “A Tiny Bit Marvellous” by Dawn French (surprisingly not a recipe book, but a novel). BEETROOT CHOCOLATE MERINGUE […]


✄ The Knitting & Stitching Show ✄

    I had such an inspiring day yesterday at The Knitting & Stitching Show :) in London. It was defiantly worth to visit! This event is for everybody who loves crafts as it has many exhibitors who offers classes, supplies, books or ready crafted goodness to sell. Although it was quite overwhelming to see […]


Good morning, it’s Friday!!

On Friday mornings I like to evaluate the week behind and do a little planning for a weekend. I think this past week have been great: mini knitting group have been great successes, pillow challenge is in control and I have met a lovely Jacolien from Netherlands who I could share my creativity with ;). […]


San Francisco: Being there ;)

My holidays in San Francisco is coming to an end and I am excited to tell you that I have met some interesting people that I hope to keep in touch ;) I find it difficult to describe this city in one sentience as it is so diverse  and multi cultured in more defined ways to compare to London. Every part […]


Walk by the river Lea

Last Sunday was quite spontaneous for me. In afternoon I popped in to my neighbour’s who suggested we go for a walk. What? For a walk? I know no parks around here in London where I live! However I went along and took Sarah (my new flatmate) with me. After 20min we reached a river Lea surrounded by nature […]


Just few updates so far…

I know I have not written here for quite a while.  This is not that I have changed my mind about my dreams… Well, I usually get carried away during summer anyway. And even though the weather wasn’t so good as I expected I still feel super happy when I receive the smallest amount of […]